Due to popular demand! :-)... I will be offering this workshop again in January of 2019.  If you are interested, please click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page, and type "Color workshop" in the subject heading. That will put you on my email list of upcoming workshop announcements. Stay tuned for more details...

Take a workshop without having to Travel!

"Bending Reality:  Using Color Schemes and Strategies"

Open to all Levels, Beginner thru Advanced

This new online format will be offered in addition to my traditional in-person workshops. It is the perfect solution for those who are not able to travel or would prefer to take a workshop at their own pace, in their own space without the hassle and cost of travel. Each class will be recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube site, in the event that you can't be present for one or more of the classes.

 Learn how to translate scenes into interesting colors schemes and apply new strategies for added drama

Learn how to translate scenes into interesting colors schemes and apply new strategies for added drama

"Bending Reality:  Using Color Schemes and Strategies"

Starts January 2019 

5 Weekly Classes plus 5 Weekly Group Critiques
Workshop Price: $250

The upcoming online workshop starts January 2019. I will send out an email notice in December (2018) about registration for the online class. If you want to be on the list, please contact me with “Color Workshop” in the subject heading. You will automatically be put on the list for announcements.

Workshop Description:

Are you tired of re-working your color endlessly, only to end up with muddy colors?  Have you ever wished you had more freedom with color? Do you think about color choices before you paint, or just paint the colors you see? Do you want to know how to strategize with color so that your paintings have more drama and sophistication?

Color is one of the most important elements in the success of your painting. Many painters feel bound by the colors they see, which can lead to predictable paintings that lack intrigue, no matter how well they are painted. It’s important to learn how to harness the power of color and use wisely it to communicate your artistic vision.

In this 10 session online workshop, learn the “theory” behind managing the colors in your palette for assured color harmony, learn to work with the colors of your choice, and more. The class is suitable for all colored media - oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel.


Patti Mollica, author of “Color Theory, an Essential Guide to Color” will be teaching the strategy behind working with color schemes and pushing color choices to the next level. If you are ready to embark upon new level of color exploration, don’t miss this workshop. Suitable for Oil and Acrylic painters. Beginners are welcome.

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Class Schedule

Week 1, - Creating Color Harmony and Unity
Week 2, - Working Within a Color Scheme
Week 3, - Design Your Value Pattern
Week 4, - Translate Values to Color Schemes
Week 5, - Using Colors of Your Choice

Online Color Workshop Overview:

Overview: The online workshop format will include instructional presentations / demonstrations,  homework assignments, and feedback sessions on a private group FaceBook page. You can watch the presentation / demonstrations in real time and can also participate in the meeting by "raising your hand" and asking questions. The platform allows students to be audible, visible and chat amongst each other, just like in a real classroom. 

Meeting Details: Each instructional class meeting is approximately 1 hour.  The homework assignment will be "due" several days later, and each student will post their work on a private Facebook group page, where I will offer ideas and suggestions. The class participants are also urged to comment freely and offer constructive advise.  

Instructions: Simple instructions on how to use the online video conferencing platform will be sent to those who register. It is very user-friendly and compatible with all computer platforms. A reliable high-speed computer connection is required for optimal viewing, as are very basic computer skills.

Note: Once the workshop is purchased, it's not refundable.  If you register and then circumstances change that make attending the online meetings impossible, know that the lessons and group feedback will be available for you to see online and learn from when time allows.


Got Questions? See the FAQ Page

Learn how to add color drama to your paintings! 

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"Bending Reality:  Using Color Schemes and Strategies"

Starts January, 2019 
Registration details will be announced by email in December (2018)