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Paint Rocky Neck in Expressive Colors! - 3 Day Workshop, Gloucester MA

Northeast Art Workshops
19 Kettle Cove Lane
Bldg C-7
Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-729-4970


In this workshop we will be painting the boats/scenery of Rocky Neck, MA.  The workshop will take place both in studio and plein air. We will sketch and take reference photos of the harbor and town scenes, and bring them back to the studio to then create paintings with the intention of exercising artistic license with color.

Color is one of the most important elements in the success of your painting.  Many painters feel bound by the colors they see, which can lead to predictable paintings that lack drama, no matter how well they are painted. It's important to learn how to harness the power of color and use it to communicate your artistic vision.

The focus of the workshop will be translating values and realistic colors to suit our personal preferences. We will use the color wheel to choose color schemes, or simply choose our own. Students will learn how "less is more" in a palette for good color harmony, and other techniques for assuring that the colors in a painting all "play nicely" together.

Patti Mollica, author of "Color Theory, an Essential Guide to Color" will be teaching the strategy behind working with color schemes and pushing color choices to the next level. If you are ready to embark upon new level of color exploration, don't miss this workshop! Suitable for all levels and media - acrylic, oils, pastel, watercolor.