Frequently Asked Questions…

Bending Reality “Working with Color Schemes and Strategies”  Online Workshop 2019

Q: What supplies will I need?

A: Click HERE for a suggested list of supplies - for acrylic / oil painters. If you already have materials on hand and want to use them, no need to go out and spend money on new supplies unless necessary. There are certain basic colors you need, and those are listed as “required”. All other supplies and brands are suggested, not mandatory.

Q:  What are the classes like?

A: The classes are pre-recorded video presentations from a prior online class. The length of each lesson is approx. 1-2 hours.  In this new workshop format, everyone will be watching the same instructional lesson each week.  These lessons are lecture+slideshow format. There will be some new additonal videos for additional instruction. The focus of the workshop is color and color schemes, not painting techniques or styles. However I will add some painting demonstration videos, to show color and paint application.

Q: What skill level do I need to take this workshop?

A: It is for all levels. In some lessons I offer homework assignments that are more beginner-basic, and some that are more advanced. You can choose to do whichever one suits your skill level - or do both.  

Q:  How can I prepare for the workshop?

A: You are not required to prepare for the workshop in any specific way. However I have written 2 books that both feature lessons on color. Due to copyright law of 2 different publishers, I could not cover the same same material in both books, so each one has something different to offer.  The most recent book is called “How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold”. It contains extended color information that is not covered in my “Color Theory” Book, and vice versa. Both are very helpful for better understanding the concepts we will be exploring.  Additionally, I have authored a video called “Color Techniques -  Fast, Loose and Bold”. The links to all instructional materials are on my website,
Again, they are not mandatory but helpful.

Q: Do I have to complete the homework assignments?

A: No - but you will learn much more if you do. The only way to understand and learn color is by working with it. Watching presentations is great - but then you need to squeeze the colors out of the tubes and apply the suggestions in the lessons.

Q: What if I live in another time zone?

A: The youtube lessons can be watched anytime. 

Q: What is the time limit on access to the youtube classes?

A: The videos will be available for you to watch for at least a year.

Q: How will the class start?

A: Starting January 22 and for 4 consecutive Tuesdays afterwards, you will receive an email with a new link which will take you to the next youtube video lesson. Watch it and then start on the homework assignment.

Q: How will I ask questions and get feedback?

A: I will be offering feedback to the group, and in some cases individually, as an example for the rest of the class to learn from. I will not be commenting or critiquing every image that is uploaded to the FB page. I give feedback by picking homework images that students have posted, which offer the best example for specific feedback that I feel the class needs. My experience has taught me that many times the feedback that will help one student is the exact same feedback that will help many others. So I try to pick images that offer the most benefit for group learning. 

The beauty of the online format is that so much can be learned by seeing how your classmates interpret and handle the exact same assignment. And so much can be learned from seeing the feedback given to others in the class.  If I do not comment on your specific work, please don’t take it personally. Learning from the feedback that I have given to others is a great way to progress.  The online format in some ways offers more much more targeted learning than the physical workshops, for this very reason. Also, If I see that the class is struggling with certain issues that are better explained by video explanation, I will create a short instructional video and upload it to the FB page.

Q: Can I get personal critiques?

A:  The goal of the online class is that the FB group instruction I give is sufficient for everyone’s learning needs. However if someone feels they need more personal attention than the group setting allows, I offer an additional option for personalized critiques and more in-depth instructional feedback. This entails both verbal and visual demonstration - modifying their artwork digitally, to demonstrate how the values, colors, composition or all of the above could be strengthened or enhanced. Personal mentoring is available at $75 per session. We meet together via online screen-sharing software which allows you to watch my digital painting as I explain what I am doing and why. To schedule a personal critique, contact me via our FB page or by email. 

Q: What type of computer skills do I need for workshop’s online participation?

A: You will be responsible for having basic computer skills, including being able to take a photo and upload it to our FB page.  If you need an assistant to help, I can recommend a technical support assistant, their tutoring services are $35 per hour.  You will need to have a facebook account to be able to participate in the group page. If you don’t know how to start a FB account, please read this: . Our group is private, so none of your images or comments will be seen by the general public. I will add your name to the private FB group when you register.

Q: How will turn in my homework?

A: Take a photo of your work, and upload it to our private Facebook page. After you upload the photo, in the comment field, type in “Lesson 1 Homework” or  “ Lesson 2 Homework”, and then any other comments you wish to make, etc. Otherwise I may not know which lesson your photo pertains to.  You can do the assignment as many times as you wish and upload your completed work.

Q: What is the timeframe for turning in my homework?

A:   Please upload your homework photo(s) at anytime within the week, up till the day before the next class . In other words, the class starts Jan. 22, so upload your homework by Jan. 28- latest (preferably sooner).  

Q: What if I have questions about the homework or anything else?

A: If you have questions about the homework assignment, just post them to the Facebook page, I check in regularly and respond as quickly as possible.  

Q: Can I share the videos and lessons with my painting friends or students?

A: Absolutely not. This is for your personal learning only. Teachers may not take my content and “share” it with their students without my permission. That being said, if you know someone who would benefit greatly from the workshop but does not have the financial means, please have them contact me and I will be happy to oblige.

Q: Once I register can I change my mind and get a refund?

A:  You can get a refund up to and including Jan 18, 2019. After that I will not offer refunds. Please know that the lessons and group feedback will be available for you to watch online and learn from when time allows. The videos will be available, for you to watch for at least 1 year. The Facebook page will be available indefinitely.

If you have any other questions, please email me at: I look forward to working with you soon!