FAQ:  Bending Reality “Working with Color Schemes and Strategies”  Online Workshop
Instructor: Patti Mollica   www.pattimollica.com


Q: What skill level do I need to take this workshop?

A: It is for all levels. In some lessons I will offer homework assignments that are more basic, and some that are more advanced. You can choose to do whichever one suits your skill level or both.  


Q:  How can I prepare for the workshop?

A: You are not required to prepare for the workshop in any specific way. However I have written a book called “Color Theory: An Essential Guide to Color. It is available thru Amazon.com or you may find it in your local Michels or other art supply stores.  Purchasing this book is not required, but helpful. 


Q: What if I can’t be present for one or more of the classes?

A: Each session will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and can be watched anytime. 


Q: What is the time limit on watching the youtube video classes?

A: As of now, there is a 1 year time limit which begins when I have completed the critiques of the final class.


Q: How will I see your presentation?

A: The video meeting platform is hosted by www.zoom.us. There is very little you have to do from your end. Basically I will send you a link, you will click on it, and you will be seeing me, (or my computer screen or my easel.) We will have a test meeting before Feb. 6 to make sure everyone can connect properly. There is no need for you  to sign up for a zoom account. I will send out the info on the “test” meeting later.


Q: How will the class start?

A: I will send you a link to the online classroom. Click on it, a few minutes before class starts, to enter the classroom. You will use this same Iink each week to enter the classroom. You may be prompted to install an app, please do so. This takes less than 20 seconds. You will then see a prompt ‘join audio conference by computer’ click on this. Your your microphone will automatically be muted when you enter.  I suggest that for your first meeting you log in about 10 or 15 minutes early. 

Q: What is the “classroom”?
A: When you “enter the classroom”, you will be seeing me or my computer screen. A list of the other attendees will be shown, with small images of each person who is attending the video class. If you do not want to be “seen”, put a piece of masking tape over your computer camera.

Q: How will I participate in real time?

A: You will be able to “raise your hand” at any time.  by clicking on a button that is located i, and I will “unmute” your sound so that the class can hear your question or comments as well as my response. You will also be able to type in your questions if you prefer to communicate that way. 


Q: What type of hardware and software is best for participating in the workshop?

A: All computer platforms are supported - Windows / Mac operating systems, Ipad, smartphone etc.  You will need a reliable high speed internet connection.  Best is computer connection, because some functions are not available if you are using a phone.


Q: What type of computer skills do I need for workshop’s online participation?

A: You will be responsible for having basic computer skills.  If you need an assistant to help, I can recommend a technical support assistant, but their tutoring services are $35 per hour.  You will need to have a facebook account to be able to participate in the group critique page. If you don’t know how to start a FB account, read this:  https://www.facebook.com/help/188157731232424?helpref=topq .  I will add your name to the private FB group.


Q: How will turn in my homework?

A: Take a photo of your work, and upload it to a private Facebook group. After you upload the photo, in the comment field, type in “Lesson 1, FINAL FOR CRITIQUE “.  Do the same for Lesson 2, etc.  “ .  You can add any other comments, just make sure that your photo is titled this way, otherwise I will not know which lesson your photo pertains to, or which image you want me to critique.


Q: What is the timeframe for turning in my homework?

A:  The deadline to upload your homework painting for critique is Sunday 2PM EST. After that time I can start reviewing and giving feedback and suggestions.  After the Sunday 2PM EST deadline, I will not be commenting any further on homework for that week. I would appreciate you uploading the homework as soon as you have completed it, and not wait till the last minute if at all possible. That would give me more time to review everyone's work without a "last minute rush".  


Q: How much feedback can I expect?

A: I will give feedback on each image titled "Lesson X, Final for critique" that is posted. The images must pertain to the homework assignment given, not prior paintings created before the workshop. Please do not upload more than one "Final for critique" painting. 


Q: Can I upload more than just my "Final for Critique" homework?

A:  Yes. I often give more than one homework assignment. You can post as many images as you wish, and are encouraged to do so. Comment freely on your work and others'. However you can expect feedback on only the image that is titled "Final for critique".  It's up to you to choose which image you would like for my feedback.


Q: Will you be offering other online classes and different topics?

A: Yes, I will announce them as they become available. My teach/travel schedule for 2018 is hectic, so I will offer online workshops as time allows. 


Q: Can I share the videos and lessons with my painting friends or students?

A: No, It is not ethical to share the workshop Youtube video lessons or homework with anyone who has not paid for the workshop. Also, the lessons are under my copyright. Use them for your own personal development. Do not use my class lessons and homework for the purposes of teaching a class. 


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Post all questions on the Facebook page, I will answer them as soon as possible.


I look forward to working with you soon!