"Patti, Loved your workshop!  Transformative:  in my work, I’m better planned, faster, more accurate, bolder . . ."  -Carollyne S.

“This was lifechanging! Thank you so much”  -Gail N.

"Best workshop ever! Even if you have been painting for a long time - topics cover ways to solve "what's wrong here"? questions. Organized - clear - easy to understand.  Karen S. Marco Island, FL

"All I can say is "Absolutely fabulous workshop!" So CONTENT RICH!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! You are an amazing instructor and human being :-)"  - Jeanne M, Cumming, GA

"Best workshop I've ever taken. Patti is a wonderful artist, great teacher and lovely person -- a very rare combination. I learned more at this with Patti than I've learned at any art workshop I've ever attended."  Dorene B., New York, NY

"Even though I paint abstracts, I took Patti's Fast, Loose and Bold Workshop to learn her techniques. Her day on values was helpful for any type of artist. She is one of the best instructors, I highly recommend." - Anne K.

"Patti's Fast Loose and Bold Workshop was absolutely fabulous.  I am new to painting and was looking for some help with fundamentals. Her instruction on values and brushwork were just what I needed and will help me approach a painting with more confidence. Thank you Patti for a wonderful 4 days. "  - Nancy S.

" :-) Patti - I have taken MANY classes (maybe 50 classes) and you truly are the best. I am serious!!! You are a teacher! I will become a better artist because of you. May our paths cross again. Your groupie, Elaine H., Cedarsville, WI

“‎Patti, Just want to THANK YOU. Your instructions were so fabulous and it's a fun departure from my previously normal way of painting (the dab-dab-dab-blend-blend-overblend method). Thanks again.”  Elizabeth Amanda E.

“Hi Patti, I just want to say thank you for your instruction. With them, I found my aha moment. I have a new perspective and approach to my paintings...and eventually find my own style of brush works..and finally gave me that excitement AGAIN to paint regularly.  Again, thank you, and more power to you!” Sincerely,  Frank B., British Columbia, Canada

“Really, Patti... your workshop was a game changer for me. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough.” - Eileen H.

"I was spending 20 hours on a small painting and now can do it in one! I spent 20 years trying to break away from my tight style and was able to do it through this class. The quality of instruction was amazing. Thank you so much, Patti. You are an amazing artist and great teacher, with great communication."- Adam L.

"Patti- -You are a very sensitive and feeling teacher. Your comments to the students are truly inspiring and you motivate with care. Your teaching style is wonderful. I so appreciate what you've taught me!" - Hugs Jackie Rose T.

"Great workshop! Helped me to be free and learn to use more paint. Fantastic demos and teaching skills. Thankyou so much Patti, you're great!!" - Sheila M.

"This workshop was above and beyond my expectations. Excellent. Thank you!" - Susan L

"The painting demo was key for me. Your enthusiasm is as valuable and wonderful as your thorough information and explanations. Excellent!" - Karen R.

"It was great, Patti was always there to help when we needed it. I can't think of anything that would have made this workshop better." - Tyana S.

"Excellent. 5 out of 5 rating. Best workshop I've taken thus far." - Norma A.

"Instruction was top knotch and a delight. I will be spreading the word. I learned what I had hoped to learn and so much more. On a scale of 1-5, you get a 6 - thank you! " - Lois L.

"Patti, thanks so much again for the wonderful experience of the workshp. Your method of teaching is fabulous and the delivery is flawless! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!"  Catherine S.

"Your instruction is so helpful and I would never have done anything this fun without your guidance! You da bomb"  Valeh L.

Patti, I thought you were wonderful. You helped me simplify paintings and think of design not just what I see. Your way of teaching values, especially with color, makes a very difficult concept easier to grasp. You were very organized and available to everyone. You are a wonderful painter and were very generous sharing everything you could with us. The workshop was a great experience and fun. Keep me on your list for other adventures!
Thank you for everything.  Suzanne A.


and lots more :-)