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Learn to Paint in Bold, Expressive Colors - 4 Day Workshop, Petoskey, MI

Crooked Tree Arts Center
461 East Mitchell Street
Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone: 231-347-4337


Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to take your paintings to the next level, this workshop will help you translate and capture familiar settings in a dramatic and colorful new way. The workshop entails a series of exercises in learning how to simplify scenes into their most basic shapes and values. Once students have learned how to compose by honing the subject into its most fundamental elements, they will be instructed on how to use the color wheel to translate their sketches and studies into paintings using a palette of colors of their choice.  Students will explore various color scheme options, each one capturing a different mood.  They will be encouraged to go “beyond the photo”, depart from the literal and get comfortable using colors that communicate a more personal expression. The workshop will take place in both plein air and a studio setting. The goal of the workshop is to push paintings to a bolder outcome through value simplification techniques and more expressive use of color.  Taught by Patti Mollica, author of “Color Theory” and “How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold”.

• Students will be instructed in:
• How to simplify values
• Creating a strong composition
• How to get bold, gestural brushwork
• The importance of greys
• Color mixing essentials
• Working with a limited palette
• Color harmony exercises
• Using the color wheel to choose color schemes
• And much more...