"Times Square Messenger"    14x14"  Acrylic,  New York City, Biker, Cabs, Times Square, 

Times Square Messenger   Acrylic,  14x14"  
The all-time worst piece of advice I ever got from a teacher was that at all stages of the painting it must look good. That crazy idea stuck with me for years and so many paintings were trashed before they ever had a chance to develop.  There are ugly stages - especially the start (see below). I'm glad I eventually learned to persevere thru "the uglies" or I'd have given up on art years ago. That being said there are those paintings that never quite graduate out of the ugly stage. But everytime I wrestle with one of those stubborn pieces I learn something new. And if theres one thing in life I'm completely sure of, theres
always more to learn!

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This morning I saw a facebook video by a writer who described the struggles of growing into the artist you aspire to be. I shared it on my facebook page, "Patti Mollica Art".  It's for real.

The start - it's never very pretty

The start - it's never very pretty

Abstracting City Shapes

"Looking South on Tenth Ave."    12x12", Acrylic    Click for info

"Looking South on Tenth Ave."  12x12", Acrylic  Click for info

Sometimes I like to paint the same image more than once, and push it in different ways. This is the same intersection as "Gallery District NYC", posted a few days ago, but much more abstracted. Again, I had to create people to give interest to the focal point, but this time I left in the van and delivery truck.  I think they work in this version because they help lead your eye to the focal point. Plus I think they add some needed diagonal direction to balance out the strong vertical and horozontal shapes.



Chelsea Watertowers, NYC

Chelsea Watertower  13.5x13.5  Acrylic    Click for Info

Chelsea Watertower  13.5x13.5  Acrylic  Click for Info


I'm a pretty bad photographer, which sometimes I think is a blessing in disguise. It forces me to use my imagination a lot, and design my paintings, rather than rely on what is actually there, since often I can't see what's there.  I guess it is the "make lemonade from lemons" approach. 
I worked on this piece at the same time as it's sister piece (below) - I wanted them to work together, as a series. Maybe I will paint another one so that there are 3 in the series - or 4... I have a lot of bad photos to choose from!

East Side of NYC View FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016

East Side View of Manhattan, 60x60"  Acrylic  SOLD

East Side View of Manhattan, 60x60"  Acrylic  SOLD

his is a commission project I was hired for recently, from a city couple who saw one of my paintings on a magazine cover, and wanted their Manhattan East side view painted for display in their Florida apartment. They gave me the exact size to paint  it 60x60", a square, altho the entire view was completely horozontal (see below)The first thing I had  to do was figure out how to squish and stretch and cut and do whatever, to turn the format into a square. Closeups are attached too. It is signed, sealed and headed for sunny florida!

Work in progress TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2016

I just fished this painting out of a pile of old flops that I have been storing forever, knowing that there are problems I have to deal with someday - or just trash it. I had painted a largish figure on the left  walking towards me, and a smaller figure crossing the street. I didn't like either of them for a number of reasons. So... time to paint over them and wrestle with 'now what do i do'. 

The first obvious idea was to cut the panel down to 18x24 now that both focal points are gone.  But panels are so hard to cut and... jeez, what a cop out!  So I stared at it and thought - ah - a biker! I put one in and now the piece is feeling like it has some potential. The reference looks like it was from 19th street and 6th ave - where the old Bed Bath and Beyond was - or still is? Other than the biker, the city reference is long gone, so I will just keep staring at it, keep wondering 'what do i do now" , try out some ideas, and hope for the best!