"Times Square Messenger"    14x14"  Acrylic,  New York City, Biker, Cabs, Times Square, 

Times Square Messenger   Acrylic,  14x14"  
The all-time worst piece of advice I ever got from a teacher was that at all stages of the painting it must look good. That crazy idea stuck with me for years and so many paintings were trashed before they ever had a chance to develop.  There are ugly stages - especially the start (see below). I'm glad I eventually learned to persevere thru "the uglies" or I'd have given up on art years ago. That being said there are those paintings that never quite graduate out of the ugly stage. But everytime I wrestle with one of those stubborn pieces I learn something new. And if theres one thing in life I'm completely sure of, theres
always more to learn!

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This morning I saw a facebook video by a writer who described the struggles of growing into the artist you aspire to be. I shared it on my facebook page, "Patti Mollica Art".  It's for real.

The start - it's never very pretty

The start - it's never very pretty