Greek Courtyard WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2015

Greek Courtyard   8x10"  Acrylic

Greek Courtyard  8x10"  Acrylic

One of the things I like to do is take a scene and 'make it my own' - by simplifying the detail, playing with with warm and cool colors, simplifying values, even abstracting it a bit. It's a fun exercise which I will be giving in my upcoming workshop - not that I am expecting the scenes to need any help! Below is the actual reference.

Tuscany Landscape Painting With Sunflowers

Tuscany Landscape Painting With Sunflowers

Tuscany Landscape Painting With Sunflowers

This Tuscany inspired landscape painting depicts a field of sunflowers painted with a minimal palette. It's created with a harmonious palette of alizarin, ochre, green and purple on canvas and measures 10" x 12".

Artwork Details

The time has come... I'm packing for the trip. In an effort to keep the weight to a minimum, I was experimenting with a limited palette. I used 4 colors in this painting. (Plus white, if you consider that a color.) Purple, green, ochre and alizarin.  Yup, that's all! It's amazing how few colors one can get away with and still represent a scene realistically. Not that I will be bringing only four colors, but it was an interesting exercise. One of the benefits of a limited palette - automatic color harmony. The other - way less schlepping!

"Tuscany Sunflower Field"  10x12" Acrylic

Nyack Houses

"Nyack Houses" Acrylic 12x12"

Yesterday I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting, waiting and...waiting some more.  I was looking out the window and suddenly it hit me. My view was incredible. But more importantly, all I had to do was walk outside and I would be immersed in extreme beauty, like everywhere. Why am I not painting this gorgeous town? It offers everything I love to paint - urban setting, color, charm, structure, flowers, landscapes, etc. Here is the first of hopefully many paintings of Nyack, NY, Edward Hopper's hometown, and mine too.

Tuscany Sunset

"Pink Sunset in Tuscany" 8x10"  Acrylic

In contrast to what I wrote in yesterday's post, there are times when there is absolutely no reason to push or change colors one iota. This scene would be that. In order to maintain some type of color unity, I allowed myself only 3 colors (4 including white):  Quinacridone Magenta, Thalo Blue and Cad. Yellow Light. The good 'ol imited palette concept - a little more mixing but it keeps the harmony, not to mention lot less schlepping!