Jazz Musician Painting

Jazz Musician Painting

Colorful Jazz Musician Painting

This colorful artwork depicts a Jazz musician playing tenor. It's created with acrylics on canvas and measures 9" x 11". Features energetic strokes of rich burgundy and buttery yellows. The painting is inspired by my husband who happens to be a jazz musician. I only have 10 million photos of musicians performing. I think it makes sense to paint them ... wonder what took me so long.

"Tenor Player"  Acrylic,  9"x11"

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Upright Bass Musician

Jazz Musician Painting - Upright Bass

Details About This Rhythmical Painting

If you appreciate unique Jazz musician inspired artwork then I think you will love this one. It features a man playing the upright base - painted in lemon yellows, flesh tones, purples, blues, brick reds and a pop of pink. Would make a perfect gift for anyone that loves Jazz and appreciates bold, unique art.

"Bass Player"  Acrylic, 11"x14"