Still Life

Apples and Cherries SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2015

Opposites Attract  8x8"  Acrylic

Opposites Attract  8x8"  Acrylic

I finally got my still life stand and lights functioning in the new studio. It felt great to be back at the easel, working from life, with all my creature comforts nearby. The picture below shows my acrylic corner - and on the other side of the room are my oils and mixed-media work areas. If I get stuck on one project i just move a few feet to the next. Love it!

Cheers to Dionysus TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2015

As of now, I'm Greek-Isle bound. (Well not exactly, I'm still at JFK). I read an interesting fact today: mythically speaking the island of Skopelos, where I'll be teaching,  is strongly linked to Dionysus, the Greek god of Wine. I consider this a very good omen.  I don't care if the wine is good or bad I'm just glad to be going!


YAH-sas  (Hello/goodbye in Greek)

Colorful Corn Still Life Painting

Colorful Corn Still Life Painting

Colorful Corn Still Life Painting - The Details

Still life painting depicting three ears of corn. It's painted with acrylics on canvas and measures 9" x 12". Features an earthy palette of yellows, reds, golden yellows, with a touch of magenta.

Wishing everyone abundance and peace on this day of gratitude. I for one am eternally grateful to be able to see this beautiful world from an artist's eyes, and to have the opportunity of sharing this vision with others. Such a blessing!

"Indian Corn"  9x12", Acrylic

Still Life Painting With Pink Gerbera (Demo)

Still Life Painting With Pink Gerbera

Still Life Painting With Pink Gerbera

Expressive still life painting featuring a pink gerber, a cherry and white pitcher. The art is created with acrylics on canvas and painted with loose brushwork using reds, pinks, earth greens, and creamy whites. It is a demo I painted while at a workshop Carmel, California.

"Pink Gerbera", 8x8" Acrylic  (Sold)

Artist Notes

Seems like I've been away forever, one workshop after the next - all really fun, then a trade show out west. As always, the best part of workshops is meeting new artists and making new friends.

I am finally home - for one day - then back on the road to see my folks for Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday.

Cherry Still Life Painting

Cherry Still Life Painting

Details About The Artwork

Colorful still life painting depicting cherries painted with acrylic on paper. It's inspired from an upcoming workshop where I will focus on simple fruit and vegetable still life artwork. Pinks, reds, creamy whites and a pop of light blue make up the minimalistic palette.

More On The Art And Workshop

I'm getting ready to leave town to teach a 5 day "Loosen up" workshop in Carmel, then a 3 day beginner workshop in San Clemente. Wanted to do some warm up exercises and started with one cherry, then another emerged, then suddenly I had cherries on the brain and couldn't stop painting them. They provide an easy way to observe highlights, form shadows, cast shadows, reflected light, reflections, halftones, etc. When I get to CA I will be buying fruits and vegetables as props for the workshop... Cherries are at the top of my list ... edible, tasty props... love 'em!

Still life painting demo

"Happy Family" Acrylic  8x10"

This weekend I taught a "How to paint fast, loose and bold" workshop. Here is my demo from the first day. We had a fun group and everyone did plenty of exercises to loosen up by using less strokes, bigger brushes, more paint, and working faster. Thats always the hard part - getting everyone to load up their paint brushes with lotsa paint. I tell them to pretend they have stock in the paint company. And when that doesn't work I've got an exercise or two up my sleeve that makes it impossible to "dab" with small brushes. Pictured below is our happy family from the Art League of Nassau County, plus Katie from Michigan hovering above (who took the photo).