Instructions for Workshop Students

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During the workshop you will be working from my photos. 

Please print all of my photos at 100%, on letter sized paper and do not reduce them in size. 

Color Photos: 
PLEASE - (this is important!!) print all photos on HIGH quality, GLOSSY photo paper, since this will be your reference. If your photos are low quality- printed on plain copy paper from your inkjet printer, I will be very limited in my ability to instruct you, and will suggest you try to find someone who will share their good quality photos with you.  If you prefer to upload the photos to an ipad and want to work from your ipad that is fine. Please  - do not work from a small smartphone that is set to turn off every 5 seconds.

BW Photos:
Please print out all images on PLAIN COPY PAPER - not glossy photo paper.  All images must be printed out at 100% size, do not enlarge or scale down. Do not use an ipad for these images.