Rye Marina

"Rye Boat" 12x12" Acrylic  

I painted this one plein air, for an event/auction that was taking place that night. In true fashion, I never found time to scout out the better sites, it was about 3pm and I was frantically searching for some place to stop and do a painting - any painting. I saw a sign for "Rye Marina" and pulled in, pulled up, set up shop and made my self at home on property that was not open to the general public. I was way beyond out-of-time. No value sketch, I did quick value painting. Good enough, then jumped into color. By the time I was finishing up, the sun was low in the horizon and the owners of this adorable little boat showed up to take a spin. They offered me a sunset cruise - with beer - but I had to run. Threw the painting in a frame, (acrylics rock) turned it in, breathed a sigh of relief - Miller time!

Below I included a photo of the site, it needed a little infusion of color, I thought.